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Marketing Programs-Rebates

Marketing Program


Residential Heating System Incentives

For geothermal or “energy star” air to air heat pump systems Douglas Electric will provide:

$600 cash rebate

To receive the Douglas Electric cash rebate the heat pump must be listed by the US Energy Star Program.

Only one rebate will be paid per structure.

Current electric heating and interruptible A.C. rate is 6.7 cents per KWH. Buy your energy from the company that YOU OWN!


Water heater rebates

For controlled Water Heating Loads with LIFETIME WARRANTY Electric Water Heaters only.

$6 rebate per gallon of capacity.

Also a monthly credit on bill for controlled loads.


Marathon Water Heater Warranty

Residential Warranty - lifetime on tank and 6 year from date of manufacture for thermostats and elements.

Agricultural (barns) Business & Utility Lease Warranty - 10 year on tank and 3 year for thermostats and elements.

Call us at (605) 724-2323 to inquire on available incentive programs.


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